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My love and compassion for horses began as a girl in England when visiting my grandmother for short stays. You see, horses have always been a part of me dating back to my grandmother’s family who owned dozens and dozens of the beautiful Shire horses to service the city of London at the turn of this century. We would walk to one of the stables close to her home which was located outside of London. My grandma would bring along bucket to nourish her beautiful rose garden while I was completely fascinated with all these magnificent horses towering over me.

Thermal Imaging Horse

Essentially, what really caught my eye was the care and compassion the riders were devoting to their horses. Even at a young age, I knew the absolute importance of caring for these beautiful animals which resonated with me through the years to ensure the health and welfare of the horse FIRST.

I began riding at the age of 3yrs at a stable in Kent, England and eventually over the years owned my horse competing in hunter/jumper events, cross-country and equitation classes. My love and compassion for horses, essentially all animals is a part of my very core. I have rescued animals for the better part of my life from Greyhounds off the track to supporting/adopting horses from rescue organizations. My own horse, Devon, an Arabian gelding was rescued/adopted at the age of 2yrs old.

The presence of horses in my life whether owning or caring for them has remained a passion of mine even while enjoying a long career as a World Class Ironman triathlete and competitive runner to working with the physically challenged athletes at a non-profit organization as a program manager for their Worldwide and National grant program. Fortunately, I was able to attend the Paralympic games in London 2012 to watch the grace and beauty of these teamed athletes in competition.

It is my desire, quest and compassion to continue caring for our horse friends, family members and team members as a certified infrared technician/Equine Thermography Technician. The professional team members at EquineIR.com where I received training will be a part of my evaluating team for your horse clients with their wealth of knowledge as veterinarians and farrier having experience on a National/Worldwide level. The group of equine professionals I have met over the years from EquineIR to Art2Ride to the HIPPOH Foundation all share the same love, care and well-being for the HORSE. I invite you to support these organizations not only for the well-being and life enhancement of your horse, yet to further educate yourself with the endless wealth of knowledge surrounding the treatment and training of our equine friends.

For more information on equine thermal imaging services please email: info@equusthermal.com